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Dumb, dumber, sheep!

By 2016-02-22Januar 27th, 2017No Comments

The x-factor behind the scenes

Despite good preparations outdoor shootings always involve some sort of  x-variables like rapidly changing weather conditions. While having perfect weather conditions and heebs of snow during the location check, we had to find very poor snow conditions when arriving with the whole crew only two days later – a warm breeze of the so called „fön“ just had gone through the valley an literally blown all the snow away.
Having a concept involving sheep as a part of the visual didn’t really make things easier. Unlike a dog that can be directed in a way, in that moment sheep seemed to be the most stupid animals in the world that were running arround completely random instead of following the trail of the skitouring crew.

Since a second go was not a real option and totally out of budget, compositing the „desired“ visual was the only chance. We had to shoot about 1200 images to collect enough material for the compositing process – the final visual was stitched together out of 46 different images. See below the evolution of the visual from start to the final result.

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