CLIENT: Freemotion
ROLE: idea / concept / creative direction
CREDITS: Airos Records (film production),
R. Dorfinger (pm), T. Brüssel (sound)
YEAR / STATUS: 2016 / executed

With the 2016/17 winter season coming closer we were commissioned to take the creative lead in the production of the new TV commercial for the Austrian skiboot manufacturer Freemotion. „Dream-Good-Skiboot“, the working title of this year’s production for the  #feelgoodskiboot provides a nice summary of the overall idea/story.


For any risks and side-effects consult your Freemotion dealer. The #Feelgoodskiboot is not only the most comfortable carving-boot available, it’s also helpful against poor sleep as you can see.

20 seconds. 500 frames. Long story short.

Time is so relative. 20 seconds can feel incredibly long unless you need to tell a whole story. See the short version of the #dreamgoodskiboot in the 2016/17 tv commercial for Freemotion.