Product catalogue Lohberger

With fire and flame

Ultra modern. And super retro at the same time. We live, heat, warm, cook and design with wood. We love the flickering flames, the glowing embers, the resinous scent, the cosy warmth, the memories of our childhood, of grandma’s Sunday roast, of campfires, of home and of moments with the whole family. We dream of a life in harmony with nature. For almost 100 years, Lohberger has been building wood cookers and fireplaces, and doing so with fire and flame. To bundle this philosophy in an exclusive product catalogue and to make it a sensual and haptic experience for the consumer is our achievement, of which we are justifiably proud.


  • Lohberger


  • Bazzoka / A. Aichner


  • 2019


  • Art Direction